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BFM Webinars

As a touring musician in the music industry for the past 26 years I often think about the many tasks, personalities and experiences that came with the journey. From contracts to paychecks. Personal Branding to Endorsements. Managers to Musical Directors. The tools needed can seem endless.


BFM Webinars will cover a host of rules, blueprints and experiences on various topics you may or may not have encountered or thought about. An open and interactive live webinar with BFM and the BFMWORLD community that addresses today’s biggest topics and inquiries concerning the  Music Industry. This open forum webinar will give you the opportunity to share and hear different perspectives from others involved. Consider this a place of insight and encouragement. This is not a clinic. This is a group forum where all questions will be discussed. This setting gives you the opportunity to feed off of everyone involved. No judgement or negativity is allowed. This is about uplifting and support for better solutions. 

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